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Finding a Great Bottle Shop

So it’s been a long week, and all you want to do is head home and pour yourself a nice glass of wine, or crack open that new craft beer, the one you can only find in certain bottle shops.It’s quite possible that you don’t think of the local liquor store as a place for purchasing fine wine – unless of course you live in an area where the liquor store is your only option. You probably prefer to discover higher-end bottles at specialty wine shops, from the wineries themselves, or even online.If you are just picking up a 6 pack of a popular brand beer or cider you can usually find it in most of the liquor super stores.Let’s discuss those innovative booze shops that are completely changing the way consumers shop, select products and make final purchasing decisions regarding alcohol. There has been a recent surge in the way liquor stores, beer stores and wine outlets cater to their consumers, which is evident in these new shops.

So, what makes great bottle shops stand out from the pack?

Taste Testing

Some bottle shops & boutique stores have upped their game by providing regular events bringing in some of their region’s finest Wines and Craft Spirits. Giving you the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of each variety; how to drink and what food to pair them with. Allowing you to explore your tastebuds at one of their tastings and have your palette expertly guided through classics and new flavours.

Loyalty Program

We are all familiar with reward programs and considering how competitive the market is it is always nice to find a bottle shop the values your loyalty. To stay ahead of the pack and get value for your dollar, find a liquor store that offers you benefits such as loyalty cards or VIP discounts.


A good wine and liquor store wouldn’t be a wine and liquor store without, well, an actual store with variety and quality. One that strives to provide their customers with passionate and knowledgeable service with staff that are educated enough to guide you through their vast range of specialist brands along with new and emerging labels. Do they offer Australian only brands or do they have a range of products sourced from all over the world?

Online shopping with delivery

Some liquor stores have everything online so you can shop with just a click of a button, and offer home delivery which is particularly convenient if you’re planning a party for a few hundred people and don’t have the time or the means to collect them. Maybe you have had a few drinks with dinner and some unexpected guests arrived empty handed (um that’s just not cricket by the way…) so finding a store that are happy to deliver with decent operating hours, will always put them ahead of the pack.

In Summary

With the huge quantity of stores to choose from, a good bottle shop owner will know that the above factors can make all the difference to a shopper’s in-store & online experience, so once you find the right one, you can sit back put your feet up, sip on your favourite drop and enjoy.